WordPress has changed

I’m old school WordPress. From the realm of WYSIWYG and hard coded templates. However the world is moving forward and I need to move forward with it.

So we are embracing the full site editing and the blocks for creating content. This blog post is my FIRST ever piece of published content using this new system. I’ve been tinkering with it for weeks, reading and experimenting. Yet, for some reason, the transition from the old way of doing things has been VERY difficult for my old brain (in web dev years I’m 100 years old).

I have yet to find a guide for people like me. I feel like an infant almost poking and exploring the various parts of the new editors. I’ve come to realize that the experience of WordPress users has been 100% pushed onto theme developers. The core conditioning I have of managing a website using WordPress itself with the theme being the “paint” is over.

Which means choosing a theme and what the theme developers job is, has changed dramatically. It is no longer cobbling together pieces of code and template parts for widgets. Themes are now creating the entire experience for populating content.

Long gone are the days of DevDmBootstrap. DevDmBoostrap was a developer focused theme I built that saw several deployments all the way back to Bootstrap v2 and stopped after v4. Many people much smarter than me have built way better solutions. I don’t currently have any recommendations for Block focused Twitter Bootstrap themes. But If you do please let me know!

But this website isn’t all about WordPress. It is the catchall for life. So we are talking games, comics, code and all the other vibes.

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