My old writing teacher impressed upon us to write what we mean.

“Don’t be afraid to be direct and forward in your writing.”

Take this phrase:

“Weak writing never takes a position.”


“It seems like most of the writing these days is really weak and not opinionated in the slightest.”

That one asshole friend you have generates the same amount of rage as a smug author. But you have to respect it. Confidence levels will bleed through anything you create. There is just no way around that.

Painter. Bold colors or safe soft colors?

Programmer. Simple procedural reused code or innovative optimized Objects?

Ice Sculptor. Another castle or a giant detailed omnipotent dragon prepared to smote down anyone brave enough to catch the cold icy stare?

However, balance must be had in all things. You can’t write an entire volume of direct statements or there would be no harmony to your prose. The beauty of written language has and always be the ability to weave a magickal tale that your readers will never forget.

That is all for today. Be strong and don’t let yourself be pulled in any one direction when it comes to your craft. Keep to your own road. People will respect you for that in the end and you will have created something to be proud of.

April 15th, 2015

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