In Exodus Moses goes up Mount Sinai to talk to God as a burning bush/tree/shrubbery. I like to imagine it was a berry bush. Moses no doubt got some hunger pangs listening to the Old Man read him the riot act to communicate to the Jacobites. He indulged. Don’t kid yourself. These are the factual origins of the first “Holy Crap.” So let it be written. So let it be done.

I share a relationship with this story/documentary/biblical-account-of-events in a few different ways. I went up the mountain and I did eat berries. Many MANY craps were had my friends. I even had a few different beards. I don’t think any of mine where anywhere close to the magnificence of a Moses beard. I mean how do you go up a mountain looking like Brian Wilson of the Giants and come back down looking like Gandalf? If I may barrow a quote from the urban youth, “Shit be crazy son.”

I’ve been absent from the world for a while now. I moved out of ole Chico California and headed up to Shingletown California for a little peace and quiet. This transition took place at the end of June and I’ve moved down into Redding at the beginning of this November in 2010 the year of our Lord.

Explanations are due for why I’ve moved around so much – but really that is my business so live your own life you damn stalker.

I will say this: “If you are in need of time to sort out your brain, work on some jigsaw puzzles, and get a lot better at playing an instrument then you need to spend your summer in a forest paradise like I did.”

Let’s talk about the future!

Now that I’ve been enlightened and scrawled out my tablets it is time to educate. I wrote a few scraps while I was up there but on the whole I didn’t do squat. I mostly ran around my basement, read muscle magazines, Mother Earth magazines, Backpacking Magazines, meditated, and stared outside a lot. Now that I’ve detoxed mentally I’ve got a fresh slate and it is time to cross some line items off the bucket list.

I’ve jumped straight into the fire with NanoWriMo this year and it is my intention to get involved in many different writing projects in 2011. I’m also going to be starting a structured Podcast show that will be unrelated to writing at all. Stay tuned for that in the future.

Lastly, here is an extremely professional and flattering photo I took recently for my modeling portfolio to indicate I’m not dead. It isn’t that I don’t think ghosts can’t live successful lives here on the internet – just that I’m not one. Let’s be real here. This is the perfect place for a ghost to live. Can you imagine the look on Chris Hansen’s face when TAPS shows up? Not to mention the ensuing seance would be of some historical significance.

“… if there is an entity present with the Skype handle of JacobMarley69 here with us… give us a sign of your presence…”


November 5th, 2010

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