I made most of this a couple of weekends ago.  I decided I should have at least some sort of layout of where I’m going and what I might do.  It has not been edited to be posted.

Itinerary and General Overview of trip

10/17 – 10/26

Friday 10/17

5pm – leave Chico

10pm – Stop in Mckinleyville

Saturday 10/18

9am – leave up the 101

4 hours of driving

Stop in Coos Bay, OR


(11:53:58 AM) Casey: If I was going to take a trip like that

(11:54:04 AM) Casey: It would be up to Astoria Oregon

(11:54:05 AM) Casey: Man

(11:54:09 AM) Casey: I want to see that place!

(11:54:18 AM) Casey: The place where the movie The Goonies was made

(11:54:25 AM) Casey: Kindergarten Cop

(11:54:33 AM) Casey: Shoot, a bunch of movies

(11:54:40 AM) Casey: That place looks beautiful!

Sunday 10/19

8 hours to Forks be there by Monday Morning

Monday 10/20 – 10/22

Forks, WA

Wednesday 10/22

Catch last ferry out of port angles to Victoria

10/22 – 10/26

Victoria, Canada

Maritime Museum & Ghost tours

Royal BC museum

Butchart Gardens

Bengal Lounge in the Fairmont Express

12 hours back to Chico from Port Angeles on Sunday 10/26

October 17th, 2008

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