Before you is the most trafficked interdimensional way station on Earth. It is also my home.

Thor is taking tea today.

“Asgard has nothing as wonderful as this Ms. Malovitz,” Thor finished his black English breakfast tea with a splash of milk and twelve sugars licking his lips. The small plastic faux porcelain cup bounced quietly as he spiked it down onto her soft tan carpet. He frowned. She winked at him.

“About time for you to head out isn’t it?” the frail white haired woman slowly made her way to the gate which doubled as her pantry. The white paint chipped door creaked as she opened it for him.

Thor’s hulking figure sunk her old linoleum with each step as he squeezed himself into the small cupboard like space smelling of old pickles and flour.

He smiled at her as the space around him began to glow blue, his body fading into the ether. A sudden fear became bright in his eyes as he looked toward her counter.

Ms. Malovitz nodded and picked up his hammer effortlessly tossing it into the bright blue space. The arm of Odin’s son shot out to catch it before he disappeared.


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May 11th, 2015

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