It was a rainy afternoon in Seattle when they got off the bus for lunch.  Eight homemade renderings of the King all sat around the teppanyaki table as the chef danced with razor sharp ginsu knives.  Gold Elvis clasped his hands around his throat, a large piece of beef wasn’t going down, and the Heimlich proved ineffective.

Gold Elvis writhed in panic and toppled a bottle of oil onto the griddle.  The flames ignited a White Elvis rhinestone cape triggering the sprinkler system.  Gold Elvis fell to the floor, an umbrella popped open.  The Benihana chef acted quickly with a Ginsu Tracheotomy.

“Beginners luck,” he said, wiping the blood on his apron.

May 22nd, 2009

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No really, the cake owes me like 10  bucks and said he would pay me soon.  I have yet to see any green backs from that cheap punk.  Don’t do business with cake…

Anyway, here is a 100 or so word story I wrote for the 100 Word Stories Podcast! on with the show…


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February 27th, 2009

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