That’s right guys and dolls.  The great Danny Machal has earned a seat at the table of the BubbleGum elite.  Second place in the second 2009 quarter of the BWC (bubblegum world championship).  When I recorded that first fluke bubble around the middle of May I posted here and put it in my YouTube channel.  People started to watch it and I discovered the notations feature for YouTube videos.  So, I put my url in there in a whoreish plea to generate website traffic.  It worked.  I figured with all the new media marketing hype floating around, I’d see where I could take it.

I got educated about bubblegum and what it took to blow monsters.  What were the pros using?  How are they able to do it? Can I learn to do it?  Two words will answer all those questions – Dubble Bubble (get some).

I knew about the BWC from my research but I never really thought about entering.  I kept recording bubbles and posting them online as they got bigger and bigger.  It was the BWC commissioner Bobby “boom boom” Bickerson that approached me and said I should give it a shot.  What did I have to lose? Worst case I get last place, but at least will be posted somewhere new, which is what I really wanted.

So the results came in and I got second place! How cool is that?  Alright let’s say it together, ready?

“I know the number two ranked bubblegum blower in the WORLD!”

Big thanks to Bobby and the BWC – this is so much fun.

Here is a link to the results.

Below is the video my entry came from.

July 9th, 2009

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I try to keep things pretty much the same here.  The process is simple: write story -> edit story -> record story -> post story to website.  That is pretty much what composes  Keeps it from getting personal, and keeps me from contributing “nothing” to the blog universe; you see that so many other places.  So keeping that in mind I feel this is important.  Part of becoming a writer is respecting the people you look up to and becoming part of a team.  A team that encourages each other and helps spread the word for each other.  So let’s talk about the thrill ride that my hopefully future teammate JC Hutchins authored: Personal Effects – Dark Art.

Hutchins’s book is about a man suspected in 12 murders.  He is currently being held at Brinkvale Psychiatric Hospital and his name is Martin Grace.  Martin Grace isn’t your average killer/crazy person, for he is also, blind.  Now, Personal Effects – Dark Art is told through the eyes of hipster art therapist Zach Taylor.  Zach helps the insane by letting them express themselves through art work, painting, quilting, etc.  He gets assigned to the Grace case and has a week to determine if Grace is sane enough to go to trial.

Personal Effects – Dark Art takes you into the mind of a complete mad man.  Martin Grace claims there is a force that rules him, he talks about, the “Dark Man.”  Even Zach isn’t immune to the Dark Man’s infectious evil and finds himself slowly being sucked into his own psychosis as he unravels the dark details of not only himself, but also Mr. Grace.  Things are not what they seem with Brinkvale’s newest resident, and Zach must learn that.  He must discover it all, even dipping into his own personal darkness.

This is more than a story you just read and walk away from.  Look at these pictures I took.

See all that?  Those are the photos, birth certificates, death certificates, identification cards, scribbled notes, forgotten letters, ancient accommodations and other important documents that are all part of the Personal Effects – Dark Art universe.  Go to My Flickr! page to get the big versions.  It isn’t just a bunch of paper and plastic, no, there are websites and contact numbers.  That is MY cell phone with Zach Taylor’s phone number.  Call it, I dare you!  Zach isn’t the only number in my phone, there are other numbers I discovered as I read through the book.

When I first got the book I spread out all the stuff that comes with it (as you see) and started to take notes and organize myself.  That is the notebook you see there.  I was glad I did, there is SO much extra stuff beyond these written pages I can’t even begin to tell you.  Well I could, but Zach Taylor does a better job.  I got it on Thursday of last week and I stayed up until 3 a.m.  I finished reading all the text but then I spent two days just exploring the rest of the Personal Effects – Dark Art world.  It is truly the evolution of story telling.  No movie, no game, and no television program will ever get you as involved in a story as Hutchins’s revolutionary method.  Get yourself a copy and check it out!

Click here to get it!

If this isn’t enough – Hutchins has started releasing the prequel novella to Personal Effects – Dark Art.  It is called Sword of Blood and if you ask me, it is way more bat shit crazy than Personal Effects.  Sword of  Blood also started me on a personal quest, a secret quest.  shhhhhhhhhh

p.s. The story hasn’t ended for me, I don’t know that it ever will.  I tore out page 179 and I carry it with me now.  You were wrong Hutch, it does mean something, and I will figure out what.

June 17th, 2009

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Today I went with my sister to see my niece Courtney Lee via ultrasound. We got some pretty awesome 3d renders of what she looks like. I uploaded them to my Flickr! page.

Courtney Lee

March 28th, 2009

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Hello World!

I have missed you all, oh so dearly.  Life struck me the last couple weeks and I have had to move into a new apartment, which I am loving very very much.  I was also pretty sick for a few days but my immune system is winning on that battlefront.  Finally, I’m back into the swing of things and into the normal routines.  So I can write write write again, and get back to the gym.  I’m very much looking forward to hitting the Backpacking Trails in the spring and that requires more endurance training.

I’m working on some GREAT story ideas right now, so look for at least one of those this week.  Also this post wouldn’t be complete without a video tour of the new pad…. 3 – 2 – 1 .. ACTION!

March 23rd, 2009

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That is right ladies and gents, victory has been achieved.  Hosokawa won on Saturday and Harold won Tuesday of this week.  I’m glad that people liked the stories, it’s the least I can do for the species…. I want to write Part 2 of Harold this weekend, but who knows if I’ll get to it.  Cheers mates!

March 5th, 2009

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