Television screens froze baring a message, ‘Incoming message from the President.’

“In this world where God has lost, Science has won and the Alien invasion has given machines new breath,” the President paused causing a global stress test on the durability of couch cushion edges.

“On this Earth. Our Earth. We have reason to believe that new organic machines have successfully infiltrated our wildlife and even our populace. They watch you from the trees, they flutter in your herb garden and they teach your children in school,” a bead of sweat sprang from the small tuft of grey hair at his temple rolling down the aging cheek.

“They. Them. These… things,” he was looking around grasping for words now.

The frame jerked as the camera was knocked over. The live feed now piped images of the oval office carpet and polished black shoes stomping around in struggle. Gun shots rang off their targets like ancient iron church bells echoing in the frightened ears of millions.

All is quiet within a few seconds.

Tears rolled down the cheeks of confused children and the Veterans who knew what was coming.

Metal fingers clasped clacking around the camera’s lens squeezing. A terrified but unified Earth bathed in the bright snowing gray transmissional disconnect of war.

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Grasshopper on a wrist watch

Grasshopper on a wrist watch

May 3rd, 2015

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