“I’m going to kill you Tommy!”

“Rose, I’m ten and you are only five. Plus, I’ll tell Mom.”

They both stood as Titans squaring off at the side of the families’ old white paint chipped house.

Each child controlled a massive blood thirsty creature eight times their size ready to eviscerate the other.

Tommy struck first willing his beast to attack. Massive jaws opened and closed snapping at the throat of Rose’s monster.

“You’re hurting her!” Rose forced her monster’s great claws low to swipe at Tommy’s monster’s legs.

The creature stumbled and began to bleed. Rose’s smile was quickly thwarted as she saw the bloodlust in her brother’s eyes.

“Kids! Dinners ready. Get in here before it gets too dark,” Mom’s voice shouted.

“You’re lucky,” Tommy sneered.

“Whatever, let’s go.”

The two children trotted around to the porch. Their monsters bounced behind them as affixed doppelgangers before vanishing into nothing.

The long shadow battle would resume tomorrow at sunset.

The sun setting behind buildings

The sun setting behind buildings

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Monster Art by http://vegasmike.deviantart.com/

June 22nd, 2015

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