“Excuse me sire can you please calm down,” the butler pleaded as prince Nicholas was walking around the room.

“I am King Henry VIIIs great great great great great great great grandson so no one can tell me what to do,” Prince Nicholas shouted at his butler.

“I am very sorry sire,” the butler said in fear.

Prince Nicholas saw the fear in his butlers eyes an said, “I am sorry for shouting at you John.”

Nicholas was very stressed. “Please sit down dad,” one of his children said. “You look stressed.”

“Thank you for saying that Georgia,” Nicholas said as he was sitting down.

“PPBBFFFFFFFFTTT!” The chair made a loud fart noise and Georgia said, “there was a whoopee cushion on granddad’s throne.”

And everyone in the room laughed. Even Nicholas.

“It is no surprise that Sarah’s 10 year old mind would bring us a contemporary glimpse into the life of King Henry’s decedents this week. Mainly, revealing one of the oldest pranks in the book.” – Danny

Henry VIII’s throne, Dover Castle, UK

Henry VIII’s throne,
Dover Castle, UK

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