Detective Mario wiggled in a steel chair. The duct tape that bound his wrists tugged at his arm hair.

“Just like it says on the sign Detective. This is a front,” Luigi lit a cigarette taking a long drag.

“Sure, we sell fish, but the diamonds you collected,” he made air quotes, “as evidence, are worth more than your life.”

“Bowser is using you brother. Can’t you see?” Mario pleaded. Luigi quickly extinguished the cigarette’s lit cherry into Mario’s wrist.

“Mamma Mia!” Mario yelped.

“You leave me no choice,” Luigi said. He slipped a white gloved hand deep into his green overalls digging for his gun.

Mario bit down hard on a hallow tooth full of mushroom essence. Each cell in his body swelled exploding his size in an instant.

The duct tape snapped and his hands were free as the steel chair crinkled under his weight.

Mario’s rapid transformation sent out a shock wave that knocked Luigi onto his back.

Under the shadow of his brother’s crushing brown loafer, he would need to decide, in which kingdom did his loyalties truly lie.

111-07-july-5th-2015Sunday Photo Fiction – July 5th 2015

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July 5th, 2015

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