Greetings all.  I’m in Port Townsend, WA poking around until my Ferry leaves at 6:45pm.  It is my intention to go to Anacortes this evening and catch a very early Ferry to Friday Harbor in the San Juan Islands.

Port Townsend is the first place I feel like I would want to live.  Its great here.  The community is geared toward artists and holistic people.  Walking around a downtown area I found a shop for writers… it  was quite amazing.  I spoke with the owner Ana for a while.  It was very refreshing to talk to people that are as excited about the craft as I can be.  I went into the Tyler Street coffee house and had a few cups of coffee while I decided what to do.

They actually have a loft in this wine store I’m perched in and it is called, “The Artist Loft.”  Extremely peaceful here and relaxing.  I wasn’t in the mood for any city excursions like Seattle, I wanted to keep it simple and stick to the small port towns.

October 24th, 2008

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