one of the local free publications in my town rejected my previous post to publish because it was to long and lacked focus. Well you can only have 450 words in the guest column so I’m trying again. With this piece below …


You know those moments in your life when things become crystal clear? Those times where you know exactly what you are going to do or what you want? Think back on all those tough decisions you ever had to make. Take yourself to those final moments of Zen and Aw when you finally felt comfortable enough to move on. I bet they all share a commonality that you didn’t really even know you were doing. These moments of clarity can easily be accomplished everyday by, “being in the moment.”

The moment for me was driving home from work one day. Stressed out of my mind, I was fueling my own lingering thoughts of depression and confusion. On the final stretch of road to my house I saw a woman pushing a newborn in a stroller. I thought to myself, “Life is beautiful sometimes.” I slowed my car down and said out loud, “I am going to learn to appreciate the wonders of life and the world around me.” I was doing something at that point I didn’t know. I was using a type of self hypnosis. The words I said out loud were called an affirmation. I was so engrossed in that moment in time that I was able to make a lasting impression on myself that I involuntarily feel everyday.

Now being in the moment doesn’t mean you stand in the middle of a busy street talking to yourself. There is great value in taking time to see and listen when your life is in a state of chaos. Turn your brain off, and just absorb the things your senses are feeling. This is it what means to be in the moment. It is when our intuitions take over and are able to make a lasting impression on us.

I’m a practical person, and I have learned to have these moments in my daily life of working almost double the hours a week that most do. I’ve done this standing in line at the bank, walking to my car in a parking lot, sitting at a stop light, or waiting in line at an eatery. I stop and feel the small things. The weight of my clothes, the pressure of my feet in my shoes, the sounds of people talking, the sight of trees swaying in a cool breeze out of a window, are just a few of the things I have learned to pay attention to and it has given me great insight into myself and my reality. I’m the happiest I have ever been, all it took was for me to stop for a moment and truly experience it.

June 5th, 2008

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