The petroglyphs told the story of an unusual event.

Mr Almonde Pasteva was a researcher who knew how to read petroglyphs and was very famous.

One day he saw a petroglyph with a very old and unusual story.

There was once a family called the Oogaboogens and they lived on a goat farm.

The family consisted of two kids, one girl named Oogmi, her twin brother named Oogum and two parents. The mom Ushulake and the dad Upilllokekuse and this family inspired a lot of items we use today.

Oogmi inspired origami, Oogum inspired gum, Ushulake inspired shoelaces, and Upilllokekuse inspired pillowcases. And one more member was their pet goat who didn’t have a name and every day Upilllokekuse would hit him with a branch. One day they saw a portal, which a weird house car made, so they jumped in and are now a normal family.

“Sarah (10 years old) made some great names in this one. If you could only hear her say them (Oog-me, Oo-gum, Oosh-lake-ee and the last one I can’t even attempt to get out phonetically). She surprised me with this one. I’m proud. That’ll do pig. That’ll do.” – Danny (read other stories by Sarah)


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