Pretty sure I’m going a step further then most people who make the trip here, but this might be my only trip ever unless we all come up for Stephanie Meyer day, September 13th of next year *hint hint.*  I sat down with the binder of fan mail and started reading.  I took pictures of  the post cards, and letters.  One letter inparticular I couldn’t take a picture of because it was handwritten from a little boy and you would never be able to read the writing.  So ever so politely charmed my way into a photo copy.  It is to Alice from a person we will call P.  P’s mom doesn’t think Alice is real.  P begs to differ because he saw Esme’s note on the Cullen’s porch.  Freakin’ heart breaking.  I’ll transcribe the letter later tonight and put up the pictures.  I gotta go switch my clothes to the dryer and head down town.

October 21st, 2008

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