With all the hub-jub in the media lately about Mr. Gore and his .5 of the Nobel Peace Prize I figured I would finally sit down and watch his movie, “An Inconvenient Truth.” As with all movies like this (any Michael Moore film) we as the watcher/receiver of this information have the daunting and frustrating task of separating fact from fiction, from twisted fact from lack of fact. It is almost as bad as not knowing at all. Well nothing is good about being ignorant but you get my drift. Who do we trust? What is a reputable source of information? Given the ability for things to be changed and people to be swayed its almost damn near impossible to trust anyone but yourself. Especially on a controversial issue such as this. So what can we do? Better safe then sorry? We wasting our time? Who cares we will be gone before it effects us? What about our children?

I just finished the movie and I feel like you did after your first sex ed class and the graphic photos of STD’s were shown to you. SEX!?!? fuck that. Which obviously is a little rash (no pun intended (but thats funny ^.^)) conclusion to jump to. So I won’t state how I feel about the issue either way.

Actually I don’t know how I feel to be honest. I don’t want to believe it because that is just awful if the predictions are right. But I’m reminded of something my Dad told me when I was a boy (christ we are getting old), “People have been climbing mountain tops and holding doomsday signs for as long as I can remember.” You guys remember those psychic shows that were popular for a while when we were kids? About the year 2000? Nuclear holocaust and California falling into the ocean… I was so scared by them. But the year 2000 came and here we are.

But maybe this issue is real, and we have successfully cried wolf so much in the past that this is the one time we ignore it and regret it. I don’t know, I just don’t know. Efficient light bulbs are expensive, new appliances that are energy efficient are expensive. Hybrid cars etc. etc. All of these things that are the recommended, “Solution to the problem,” are not economically feasible for the average Joe. Or maybe they are and I’m missing something. I would hate to beat the dead horse here, but I don’t even know where to start with being accurately informed on this issue. Who do I listen to? Al Gore? If I wanted to hear it form anyone I want to hear it from his college professor that he claimed got him involved in this issue when he was in school. I applaud his efforts to spread the message and the dedication he has to the cause. But what makes his ideas and views reputable? I suppose that is different for every person. But I would take his word with greater weight if somehow he could prove to me that he wasn’t just another “yakity environmental nut job.” I’m not saying he needs to light himself on fire in the middle of the street, but just something to justify winning .5 of the NPP.

Long winded and for that I apologize. What do you guys think?

June 18th, 2008

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