“When am I?” wondered Jen. “Late 1800s maybe?”

Jen was a member of a band called “Killer Chains” and was known as “Blue Chains.”

But she was also an undercover time traveler which traveled around the world in her house on wheels named “Veronica.”

One day she decided to randomly press a button without looking and stay there for a few hours.

After she pressed the button she swirled through a vortex of colors and old items.

After that she arrived in an old timey place and started driving Veronica around the area surprising every single person that she passed.

My 10 year old step daughter Sarah is back this week with an undercover time traveler. She was inspired by the photo below and one of her most recent Lego creations “Veronica.” Which is apparently a motorhome that enables time travel. – Danny

PHOTO PROMPT- © Sandra Crook

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July 16th, 2015

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