“This going to be fun,” Trevis said sarcastically as he was supposed to clean an old underground tunnel.

Trevis was a great fellow and he was cleaning an underground tunnel for the community so they can use it.

He was also a very funny guy so anything he did was rather silly or funny.

As he was starting to sweep he started dancing and singing and he thought he was a dancer.

But then when he looked out a little vent to his right he saw two shiny round butt cheeks swiping a window of a nice old blue car.

(100 words)

“This Friday Fictioneers entry was submitted by my first guest blogger (and pseudo daughter) ever! She is 10 years old and her name is Sarah. Sarah took her story inspiration from the picture below two write her 100 words. She also wouldn’t let me edit anything. With that sort of brave and brazen mentality I hope she writes more for us.” – Danny

PHOTO PROMPT © Stephen Baum

PHOTO PROMPT © Stephen Baum

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July 9th, 2015

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