Alright Internet I have a lot in my head right now so I’m just going to vomit it out as it comes.  I spent a good hour talking to a local and this person gave me a LOT of info that I’m not even sure the public is supposed to know.  So for any press people or Twilight nuts that get to this – This is all hear say and NOTHING is official from my  site.  Fan fiction, as far as you people are concerned. – Danny Machal

So in June of next year there is going to be almost a full weeks worth of Twilight celebrations (around Edwards birthday I think).  Speakers, events, and a whole Twilight party in the town of Forks.  It is going to be nuts.  They are even having volleyball tournaments.  The person that is organizing the event is trying to figure out names for the teams.  The email with the list of names was printed out for me and given to me.  They include things like, “Cunning Cullens, Angela’s Angels, Vicious Volutri, Shape Shifters…” and it goes on.  It is a long list here.  As far as I know it is being distributed to Forks merchants and town officials to vote on.  Not sure, all the planning for this is in its infancy at this time but it is dead set on happening.  The author I don’t think will be here but some publisher people will, and other important players in Twilight’s success.  It will be almost like a Twilight CONVENTION! Twilight CON! hehehe.

The Cullen houses in Forks – The Real story.

Currently the house they are using as the Cullen house is really a B and B.  I didn’t take an official picture of it because its not what I imagined the house to be like.  It is the location of the mail box, and the white board with Esme’s messages to Twilighter’s.  Before it was a B and B this house was owned by a doctor that worked here in Forks and DID have an adopted son.  However it is not that house Stephenie wrote about.  Spooky huh? :p

The real house that Stephenie wrote about she found in an ad online in the Forks paper here.  The actual house description she modeled the Cullens place after is REAL and I have in my possession (after much begging) a hand drawn map to its location 13 miles out of town.  (no I will not tell ANYONE the location – as people aren’t really supposed to be bothering them and they have a large dog)  Basically hardly anyone knows about this place.  It is an old Victorian house built in the late 1800’s.  This will be the real Cullen’s place.  The person didn’t even have a picture of it but I’m going to get one if it kills me.  I promised them I would send it.

This is a small town, a very small town.  When Stephanie came to Forks she went to the local church and was quite excited to meet an old woman that GREW up in the house Stephanie used in her descriptions in the book.  Apparently she was pretty damn dead on.

The Swan House –

The cabinets in the Swan house match the description in the book.  The family that lives there does have a teenage daughter that lives upstairs and there is a bathroom up there as well.  🙂

Twilight and the Press –

The local paper here is holding back issues of the paper from Bella’s birthday.  I’ll be picking one up tomorrow morning.  Forks is going to explode.  Almost every place I go has a guest book to sign.  So this site has been plugged at every establishment I visit (tehee).  November 17th Channel 5 Seattle is going to be running a piece on Forks and Twilight (the town is very excited about this one).  Looks like this is the link to it.

The youth of the town have an elitist mentality.  They pick apart the story for its inaccuracies about the area they grew up in.  Where as fans that come here – walk in the world they only dreamed about.  I’m a fan I guess, or I wouldn’t be spending all this time taking pictures and documenting my trip not just for me but for everyone.  I have learned so much more about this then I ever thought I would.  There is new bits and pieces of information EVERYWHERE I turn.

I’m losing daylight here, and I was told to go have dinner in La Push at this place that can see the sunset and I don’t want to miss it.  I was able to get the location of the Baseball field as well, so that is on my list to do in the morning, as well as buzz the tower on the Ole Cullen place.  No Port Angeles tonight it seems.  My ferry leaves at 2pm so there is much to do before then.

Cheers Internet.

October 21st, 2008

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