A small boy adjusted the straps on his backpack as a strange man’s voice lingered in the air.

Looking down the street pensively for his school bus he wondered aloud, “Where does his power come from?

From you. He takes a little bit of you while you are sleeping,” the voice echoed.

“That’s stupid,” he snorted seeing the bright yellow bus roof down the road.

He tried to step forward but his feet had sank into the ground. Ankles clenched in a vice of sand he struggled and screamed for help as grit filled his mouth.

“Is it?” he heard.

I used to dream. I used to dream so vividly I half expected Red Forman was going to invade my mind and declare it an “Unauthorized thought process” like he did to Raiden in the movie Fortress (1992). I don’t dream that way anymore for a long list of reasons. -D

What are your dreams like?

April 18th, 2015

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