Alright, I think I went and saw every Twilight related thing in Forks.  There is nothing left on my map to go visit and I can’t think of anything.  I had the Bella Burger today at the local burger joint, it was quite tasty.  I put LOTS of ketchup on it :).  I’m going to head over to Port Angeles in a bit to poke around and there I’ll find the book store and the restaurant.  It’s laundry day today and I’m going to walk around the main drag in Forks.  I also need to get back up to the visitor center and take a look at those letters.  I’m interested in the postcards from Jacob and Renesmée to Bella and Edward.

Driving around Forks and to La Push today just put me somewhere else mentally.  What you Twilight fans are imagining this would feel like, it is.  All those times that Bella, Jacob, Edward, Billy or Charlie drove that road just comes flooding back into your mind.  It was an intense 14miles there and 14 miles back.

Ps.  La Push has an abnormal amount of Dogs just running around (no joke).

October 21st, 2008

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