My throat was hurting this morning.  Probably from the horrific vomit fest last night.  The Edgewater had a Continental breakfast so I loaded up.  Got my caffine to start the day, and I checked out.  I had my first experience in NOT pumping my own gas, which was weird.  I think that Oregonians hate to get out of their cars for anything.  For every StarBucks we have in Chico, there are two drive through espresso places here.  At one point I even saw a “pharmacy/liquor store” with  a drive up window.  I never saw perscriptions and booze going hand in hand but maybe I’m wrong.

The destination was Astoria today.  It was a little over a 5 hour drive to get up here and I didn’t stop but one time for some coffee in Tillamook.  All I can say for Tillamook is that if the Cheese thing didn’t work out, that place should be condemned.  The town smelled like there was an explosion at the Cow Fart Bottling Plant, and the town is still recovering from it.  I think there is a ban against open flames there… and for good reason.

Once I got past Florence things turned a lot more, “piratey.”  Lots of places had Captain, Cove, and Pirate in the name.  I even passed by a Pirate Pastry shop.  I got into town and sought out some wifi to make sleeping arangments.  I wasn’t feeling much like exploring but I poked around for a while.  Figured I’d take it easy and sleep a lot tonight.  I’m currently finding the locations of all the Goonie landmarks so I can hit them in the morning and be in Forks before lunch.  Kind of uneventful today, just a lot of driving but I took some pictures and put them in the gallery.  The drive was beautiful.  By far the best scenery yet.

At Safeway there was a beer there called, “Dead Guy Ale.”  It native to the region so I figured I better have some.  Also when I was checking out my phone number didn’t take for the discount.  So they Lady asked me to tell it to her and she would punch it in.  I never had someone ask me where area code 530 was before.  Not in Kansas anymore!

October 19th, 2008

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