For my Week 3 assignment in my Fiction class I was asked to answer some of the most basic questions about my protagonist.   ie.  What is their biggest character flaw? … I was floored.  I honestly could not list one flaw, I  had my idea of who this person was so  diluted, that it made them almost inhuman when in fact they are supposed to be very human.  No one is perfect, and I’m not writing a book about Jesus, so they need flaws.

It was a real eye opener for me that I need to invest more in my characters.  So where does one even start to get to know a person they made up?  It isn’t like you get to spend time with them and meet their family, it is all in your head.  I scoured the internet looking for character sheets, and they all list things that  make you see them as objects and don’t really ask the right “What is this person like?” types of questions.   I sought out some of the questions I felt would be more helpful, and I compiled them into this 12 page questionnaire – complete with box to sketch their portrait.  I’m going to try and use this as a tool to help me, and if you REALLY want to get down and dirty with who these people are in your Stories/Novels, than fill this out.

Download PDF of Character Development Worksheet

March 3rd, 2009

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