Christmas came early for Tommy.

Two front teeth; man Santa rocked the Casbah this year. He had a full set of pearly whites before any of his friends.

On Christmas day, after all the presents were open, a single card remained in the tree.

To Tommy:

We regret to inform you that your federal health plan mandates a recall on your teeth. Times are tough and so is beef jerky to a senior citizen.

From Santa.

The brass bell on top of the tree suddenly came free and fell hard onto Tommy’s mouth ringing loudly.

A president got his wings.

August 29th, 2009

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“…. he crawled in and sealed it up from the inside. I kicked him right into the river like he told me. Right has he went over the falls though, a flying saucer appeared and beamed him up. It was the craziest thing. Never saw Kirby again.”

The grandchildren rolled their eyes.

“They came for me the next night and …. where are you going?”

“Outside to play Grandpa, we are too old for your stories.”

Kickball in the backyard was short lived when the lights appeared in the sky. Grandpa put on his foil hat.

August 25th, 2009

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My copy of Jack Wakes Up

With any story you read there is a certain passage or line that hooks you in.  That one part that says, “oh hell ya.  This is how it’s done.”  I just finished Seth Harwood‘s Jack Wakes Up.  This was the part that did it for me:

“Yes, sir, this is the man here: Jack Palms,” Ralph says, stepping forward. He has a thick cigar in one hand and a scotch in the other. He sways as he moves. Jack realizes this is why Ralph asked him along: because he’s planning on spending most of his time in the bag.

“Jack Palms,” Al says, “let us share with you some blow.”

More laughs and then Jack watches Al, Ralph, and the others retreat to the couches. He can see a glass-top coffee table in the middle all ready to go, with the lines cut and set. Ralph sits down on one of the couches and starts rolling up a twenty.

Jack Wakes Up follows Jack Palms, the washed up movie star of “Shake’em Down.”  Jack finds himself in a financial situation that causes him to get involved with an old friend named Ralph Anderino.  Ralph ropes Jack into entertaining some out of town Czech’s interested in two things: scoring mountains of blow and haveing a good time.

Jack ends up in the middle of a story line that takes you to the hard streets of organized drug crime in San Francisco.  Czechs, Colombians, KGB, Gangsters, crooked cops, sex, drugs, fast cars, and a lot of guns; Jack Wakes Up was my introduction to crime fiction and “Danny like, Danny like very much.”

You remember that first time you saw Fight Club? You walked out of that theater thinking you were all American bad ass.  You looked at every guy, big or small you played the fight out in your head like a movie.  You walked close to them on the way out just hoping they would give you a reason.  A little comment, a wrong look, or maybe some disagreeable body language was all you would need to get in their face and say, “What mother effer? Take a swing.”  This is the same feeling you’ll get when you read Jack Wakes Up.

I find myself shifting between the different characters.  Maybe I’m Junius, not taking shit from anyone and demanding respect.  Maybe I’m one of the fearless Czechs never backing down from any fight; fists or guns, I’ll stay for that party.  Maybe I’m Jack Palms.  I’m a good looking actor, I have a ’66 Fastback that melts panties off women, and somedays bad shit happens to good people.  Seth does a great job of developing these characters.  I loved all of them.

On a personal level Seth is one of the authors I respect the most in the podcast novel community.  He podcasted it for free, he got the book deal, and he podcasts from his hot tub keeping it REAL about what the publishing world is all about.  Seth isn’t full of the flowery bullshit or whining about his trials and tribulations – we hear that from so many authors these days.  He hasn’t dropped off the map and gotten so involved in his success that he forgets about us (I won’t name names but you know when you are neglecting the people who made you).  Seth is one of the most educated well rounded guys in the game today and he is a great story teller.  When my debut podcast novel is ready I know Seth will have my back.

Jack Wakes Up is the first in a three part series of Jack Palms novels.

Get yourself a copy of Jack Wakes Up off Amazon.

Of course all of them are FREE for you to consume as podiobooks.  Click the pics below for links to the different Jack Palms novels.

Free: read the first three chapters of Jack Wakes Up as a PDF you can download now! (click to get)

Seth is a game changer for sure.  I identify with a lot of his philosophy about writing and publishing.  Of course the nature of the game is not to immitate but innovate.  This is where I come in as the new blood, the student, and the next BIG thing.  “Shake’em Up! Baby.”

August 18th, 2009

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Danny's Stories
Danny's Stories
Give Blood and Thanks: Chapter 17

Give Blood and Thanks: Chapter 17 – Download PDF

Chapter 17: A Mission Remembered

“Hell Sergeant, you keep staring at the picture and she just might pop out and get shot.”

The young Private was out of line, he knew it.  It was part of the job though.  Be the Alpha male no matter what and bust balls on anything you can.  Weakness was not an option in war and all the men were constantly tested by each other, Grunts and NCO’s alike.  Sergeant Remfred Brody tucked the picture of his red haired beauty into the vest pocket of his BDU and snapped the flap closed.

Nothing was sacred, he understood that, but that didn’t mean lines weren’t ever crossed.  Everyone has a threshold for all types of torture; emotional or physical everyone cracks at some point.  Brody was far from any threshold but he very much would have enjoyed inflicting a little physical reinforcement of the chain of command.  But that would show weakness – like the Private got to him.

“Catch a few hours of sleep Private.  Thank you for volunteering yourself to be lead scout when the shooting starts tomorrow.  That is very brave of you.”

The Private sighed rolling his face away from Brody in the fox hole and was snoring within seconds of closing his eyes.  Tomorrow was the big day.  Brody’s first mission as a Combat Leader.  Men would be behind him and looking to him to make the choices that would ensure their safety.  He closed his eyes and put his palm to the pocket with the picture of Des.  He hated this war, this jungle, the fighting, and the dieing.


August 17th, 2009

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Four boys walk across an old decommissioned railway bridge in the heart of the Sierra Nevada Mountain range. Vern, keeps tossing rocks over the rail to listen to the splash they make as they hit the river below.

“Dude, your disturbing the fish, cut it out,” says Gordie.

“Just one more.” Vern picks up a rock as big as his palm and tosses it. No splash.

He looks over the side of the railing. He sees his rock floating on something bare and bloated.

“You guys wanna go see a dead body?” he says to the others.

August 15th, 2009

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