There is a new gallery up for the fan mail (MICHELE YOU DON’T LOOK).  Here is the letter from P. to Alice word for word.  WARNING MICHELE SPOILERS sorta, but nothing terrible.  Have someone screen it for you. 🙂

Dear Alice,

Hey how’s it going.  Hows Edward, Bella, and the rest of your family?  Hmm I bet you probably saw this letter coming.  Do you have really nice hand writing like Edward or what?  My mom thinks I going insane for writing this letter to you even though she thinks your not real, but she is so wrong I know you are alive and real.  So can you write me back with a Picture of you for Proof.  So I can rub it in my moms face and say Ha Ha Ha you were way wrong.  Just because Alice Cullen is from a book doesn’t mean shes not Real.”  I just got back from Forks, La Push, and the Moro Camp Ground D-62, I wanted the one strait across from D-62 Just because it was big and it had lots of trees to climb.

How was your trip Hunting in Denali…. Don’t ask me how I know that I just do … ok fine Esme left a note at your front door, I stoped by to say Hi and all see if you wanted to be friends or yeah I guess not.  Well I do want to be your Pen Pal if thats okay with you.

I look at the pictures at the forks commerce and saw your picture so I tride to remember and draw a picture of you.  You do have short red hair write, well I hope so.  Ouch (P. drew a blood spatter on the paper and colored it red) oh no sorry about the blood.  When I went to erase a letter the lead of my mechanicall pencil re-opened a previous cut.

Oh guess what I hop you like  puppies because my dog Ginger she gonna have puppies.  Ither tomorrow or later.  ouch hold on … (more drawn and colored blood spatter)  Sorry I just a napkin to wipe the blood my face oh I uh mean a,a,a bandaid yea thats write a bandaid he,he,he shew that was a close, oh snap no eraser and I just – you know what just ignore that, because I’m no vampire … or am I bum bum bumm hehehe.  You know I wish though.

Hey you should tell or ask Carlisle to come her eand turn my into a vampire I’m about 3.6 hours away.  Crazy hu, um maby in a while because I’m leaving to go back to school in Oregon (I’m visiting my mom in Washington to.)

Hey Alice? is forks vampire capital and do you like forks.  Oh and have you seen lake cresent buetiful hu.

Have you heard of My Chemical Romance and Jack Johnson there both musitions and good ones two.  I’m not sure if Stephanie Meyer wrote your histor in any of the books or what so I would love it, if you could send it to me.  hey I just notice that i’m Left handed, what hand do you write with.  who do you thin is strongest out Aro, Caius, and Markus.  I think caius is.  Oh hey I hered about the wedding decor and saw (once again don’t ask me how I know i just do) it awsome.  I give it a 69 kabillion jillion thumbs up alice good job.  Thank god you weren’t crushed in Eclipse (the fight), hey hey no offence I’m not calling you small.  well thats not true but hey at least you aren’t as stupid as that filthy four legged mut Leah sorry if shes your friend its just that seith is the oh cool wolf man guy thing in La-Puush.  oh hey an eraser yes.  Oh well I could go on forever but I’m sorry I do half to go write bella a letter, by for now.  (Oh yea Ally I mean Alice please explain the spots of blood to your family, thanks Alice)

Dear Isabella or Bella Cullen,

Wow I’m used to writing Swan not Cullen (more blood spots drawn in, oh so cute) OW oh NO I do hope alice Explained the blood.

So I heard about that love letter from Africa I would ask emmette or jasper to hunt down that guy.  Owch blood every were oh watch out I just saw Jane and Aro go by lets hope they don’t smell the blood, “what the heck 1,2,3 … 31, 32 da 36 were wolf sam, jacob, uh oh bells there coming toward me help there pullen and pullen my leg just like I’m pullen yours Ha Ha Ha.  Well its what 11:55pm I got to go to bed I promis I’ll write longer next time.

Love P.

Love P. (for Alice)

ps.  You both should be  my pen pals it would mean a lot


October 21st, 2008

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Pretty sure I’m going a step further then most people who make the trip here, but this might be my only trip ever unless we all come up for Stephanie Meyer day, September 13th of next year *hint hint.*  I sat down with the binder of fan mail and started reading.  I took pictures of  the post cards, and letters.  One letter inparticular I couldn’t take a picture of because it was handwritten from a little boy and you would never be able to read the writing.  So ever so politely charmed my way into a photo copy.  It is to Alice from a person we will call P.  P’s mom doesn’t think Alice is real.  P begs to differ because he saw Esme’s note on the Cullen’s porch.  Freakin’ heart breaking.  I’ll transcribe the letter later tonight and put up the pictures.  I gotta go switch my clothes to the dryer and head down town.

October 21st, 2008

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Alright, I think I went and saw every Twilight related thing in Forks.  There is nothing left on my map to go visit and I can’t think of anything.  I had the Bella Burger today at the local burger joint, it was quite tasty.  I put LOTS of ketchup on it :).  I’m going to head over to Port Angeles in a bit to poke around and there I’ll find the book store and the restaurant.  It’s laundry day today and I’m going to walk around the main drag in Forks.  I also need to get back up to the visitor center and take a look at those letters.  I’m interested in the postcards from Jacob and Renesmée to Bella and Edward.

Driving around Forks and to La Push today just put me somewhere else mentally.  What you Twilight fans are imagining this would feel like, it is.  All those times that Bella, Jacob, Edward, Billy or Charlie drove that road just comes flooding back into your mind.  It was an intense 14miles there and 14 miles back.

Ps.  La Push has an abnormal amount of Dogs just running around (no joke).

October 21st, 2008

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After my last post I stopped at an Espresso place and drove straight on to Forks, WA.  I only stopped 1 time during the 4 hour drive and it was about 30miles outside of Forks at the “big cedar tree.”  Now its important to understand that the top part of Washington here is composed of the Olympic National Park and the Hoh Rain Forest.  The rain was sporadic in intensity.  It would be hammering down and then a light sprinkle to none at all.

The great thing about fall up here in the Pacific Northwest is the color spectrum.  Reds, yellows, greens, browns, and oranges.  All kinds of shades and tones.  When I got into the more “foresty” parts of Washington the eco-systems totally changed.  The plants were all greener, the forest was much more dense and there were lower canopy plants spread all over the place.  When I stepped into the forest at the Big Cedar Tree I was instantly transported somewhere else.  You can just feel it all around you, it was so beautiful and mysterious.  Its difficult to explain, but its a place I would feel comfortable being for a LONG LONG TIME.

On to Forks…

I stopped at the Visitor Center and explained that I was the ambassador for my chapter of California Twilight fans.  The ladies face lit up, she gave me my packet.  They have made maps to give to people that have a layout of the city and where all the Twilight points of interest are.  She had binders of photos from events the town has had, and even a collection of letters that people have written to the Characters in Twilight.  Yes that’s right, Bella Swan gets mail, so do the Cullens.  She showed me a love letter to Bella from a man in Africa it was interesting.  I’m going to head on over tomorrow and ask for some 1 on 1 time with that binder so I can read what people are writing to the characters.

This town is 100% Capitalizing on the Twilight popularity.  There is merchandise EVERYWHERE and the signs are very funny (check the Gallery).  I took pictures of a few things, but there are other things I wanted to take pictures of when there is more light.  They have done some very cool things that I’ll save to tell you about till tomorrow.

Facts I have learned so far from coming to Forks


– Stephanie Meyer has only been to Forks 1 time that the lady knew of

– The movie wasn’t filmed here because of some sort of tax reasons but the director and crew came and planned out where the shots were going to be.

– Bella’s birthday is officially Stephanie Meyer day in Forks.  They have done it twice.  Last year and this year.  The first year it was only like 100 people.  This year it was over 1000.

– They have a state tax on lodging here, and last month it was up 48%.  Twilight is bringing people to Forks in droves.

– The story of Twilight was pretty much figured out before Stephanie had a place to put it.  She didn’t actually write it around the Town of Forks, she googled places that didn’t get much sun :p … Forks can thank the google for their popularity.  Of course that was for book one, there was no way she could write the rest without doing some research on the area.  But she was able to do that all from the internet.  She didn’t live here or anything.

– Restaurants around town have named dishes after the characters, the Bella Burger, Bellasagna, and there is a place with a full on Twilight menu.

Well I think thats it… if I think of anything else I’ll post more.  Tomorrow I’m spending the day here, so I’ll head up to La Push and get those shots I wanted to get when there was more light.

Night night Internet.  Hunting time.

October 20th, 2008

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Alright I gotta be quick about this.  I’m literally in my car in the middle of some hagard hotel district in Long Beach, WA.  I wanted to stop and put up the pictures from this morning and look at a map to make sure I was going the right way to Vampire country. 🙂 I’ll check in later… Uploading those pics now.

ps.  The beach scenes at the end where Willie’s ship comes out were filmed in Ecola State Park which I passed on the way in (I knew I should have stopped).  There is a place there called, Cannon Beach I believe.  Has the huge rocks in the water and such.  Very awesome looking as I was driving by it.  I would have went back and got pictures but it is a 40 minute drive because you have to go through the Town of Seaside which takes forever.  Also, Michele is correct.  The Restaurant they go into was constructed for the movie.  While you can goto the location, there isn’t anything there but a picnic table.

Okay I’m off to Forks! Cheers!

October 20th, 2008

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