This is an excerpt from one of my most coveted and private places I write things down… but it is how my spiritual journey all began and is as follows (raw and with minimal edits)…


Time: End of January 08′

Let me preface this section by saying, “the path to your spiritual self is a personal journey and my own path follows no specific version of any sort of doctrine. I aim to take bits and pieces from all ways of spiritual belief and culminate my own spiritual understanding.” That being said lets move on…

I was at work when I got a support call from a customer that was having trouble with her email. Her name is Mildred “Micky”. She is an aspiring astrologer, a good psychic, and only just recently found her own spiritual path. The woman is 84 years of age, and I tell you she is just amazing. She has such a great feel and energy it is unreal. So I’m talking with her and we talk about psychic phenomenon and astrology. She then mentions the word that has been bringing up more and more things in my life over the last couple weeks. “Hu” yep two letters that have changed my life and put me down the rabbit hole to finally sit down and ask the big questions. Yep… what is a soul? Where does it come from? Is there really a big guy in the sky? Is life on this planet all there is?

Now “Hu” is an ancient name for god. It has its origins in the eastern parts of the world. Mostly around the country of India. She recommended to me a book called, “The path of the masters.” Which is an American priests account of following around a spiritual leader from something called, “Sat Sang” or “Sat Mat”… there are a ton of different names. But it all centers around this organization called the RSSB, the American version is called, “Eckankar.” I don’t entirely understand any of it either, so don’t act like I don’t know you are confused because I sure as hell am. However this concept of god.. or “Hu” as they call it, has been calling out to me. Something has been calling out to me, I think Hu is just a tool to help me get my answers.

So my drivers license expired on my birthday this year, so I had to get it renewed and lo and behold there is proof I live in this town. So I finally had the means to get a library card. I went there on the Monday after my birthday after work. I got my card and started looking for books about palm reading and found a nice little book about hands, that also had hand writing analysis in it. “The Whole World of Hands – Gilda and Melvin Berger.” Nice little fun read for those interested in such things. I stayed in the Library because I know it is a good place for picking up women and I wanted to make sure that I didn’t miss any opportunities. So I finished my book after wussing out of my window to talk to a girl and I check out my book and start walking out. I turn to look at a table next to the conference room, and there was a yellow card on it. “HU” it said, “a love song to god.” I’m thinking, “this shit isn’t happening to me.” Normally I would just shrug this off and go about my day. But this one time I thought, “fuck it, lets see what happens.” So I stop and look at the rest of the literature, and I see a flyer on the door for a dreams and spirituality group at 6:30 that day. I looked at my watch and it read 6:25. I was just in time. I saw four people in there and some chairs, thanks to some people skills I had learned recently I wasn’t afraid to approach them and ask what was going on. I asked them if I could sit in and they greeted me with open arms. They were part of a group called, “Eckankar.” Micky never mentioned them to me, but here was Hu again but from somewhere else. Things were really starting to trip me out. We talked about Eckankar and what it was all about. They have some good ideas, but it isn’t something I would ever follow. They told me there was a get together and potluck where they sing the Hu and talk about the study of the Eck. That is on Saturday and I will be attending. Not because I really want to, but because I have to. I feel compelled to, that it is part of my spiritual journey. I leave and go about my business. At work the next day or so, I get a package from Mildred that contains a personal letter, and a whole array of literature about, “Satsang.” Which was her path to the Hu and much truer to its roots. But even it has corruptions. Bam the 3rd sign was bright and obvious. I knew I was on to something big here and I need to ride this wave out and see what happens. I order the Path of the Masters (still haven’t gotten it) and I set it all aside for this Saturday.

Yet still one more event would instill my nessessity to find out information. I was at Safeway last Saturday getting supplies for my book club (food). When a man approached me in the parking lot while I was smoking (have quit since I wrote this). A nice old man, and we talked about everything from Whiskey to Retirement plans. On a whim I asked him his name, “Hu” was his name. I was floored, but I kept my cool and knew that I should listen to this man. While I don’t think he is any sort of higher power, I do believe he had something to teach me. A message to bring that I better learn. I was right. He told me that, “everyday is a good day, but weekends were better.” And every morning when he wakes up if the mirror doesn’t break then he is going to be okay and feel great that day. We parted ways and I had more then enough signs at this point telling me to pursue, “hu” in all its glory. To see what I’m supposed to find. So I wait for Saturday and the meeting. Kasey, Kris and I have also decided to start a spirituality, mysticism discussion group. We had our first meeting last night. I’m looking forward to the meetings and the types of things that we will be able to understand and figure out about ourselves and eachother.

Well I think that pretty much covers everything that is going on in my world. Take it easy ole chap. Remember that no matter what happens after this. When you come back and read this, you are going to remember this time, and the uncertainty, the adventure, and the excitement of new things and figuring out mysteries, and learning about how you tick.


This was the beginning of a transformation in myself that I am still going through. I have many more stories and “synchronistic” events to share, which I will do so when time allows.

May 28th, 2008

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I’ve put off making an official blog for the longest time. Maybe I valued the old style of pen and paper to much. Some things I have discovered over the last six months are that change is good, things don’t need to be so complicated, and to trust my inner self. Now, I’ve never been one to just “put things out there” but I do have things I wish to share with the world. I can talk about commitment and promise all sorts of riveting new content day in and day out. But lets face it, blogs are here for two reasons, making money and throwing pity parties. I don’t wish to do either of those with this, but “face it fact #2” it would be awesome to make money off a blog and have a billion people on the edge of their seats. I don’t see that happening, but I would be a liar if I said I wasn’t hoping for that.

Well now that that stuff is out of the way. Lets get down to business. Maybe you got here because you know me and thought about being some sort of internet snoop? Wondering if I have written anything about you specifically, you came here looking for something I wouldn’t tell you to your face. Sorry to disappoint no crazy inner secrets revealed here. Just the normal daily hubbub of conversation that you would find if you engaged me off the street. For the stranger, internet pervert, or regular Joe out there I share this sentiment, “Question everything and never take any information without seeking it out for yourself later.” If I say, “President Bush is a closet homosexual,” and you run and tell your friends the, “news” then you have failed already, and I am sad. There goes my republican conservative reader base 🙁 … thats a shame we just got here too!

Everyone always wants to write so much on Day 1, I figure if we don’t start full steam we can’t slow down. So thats it for today.

May 26th, 2008

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