Well well well, Rusty Steel pulled through and won the competition.  That gives me two victories in it now, the Samurai Gardener being the other.  That means I got to pick the topic for this week and I selected the phrase, “falling bricks hurt.”  The audio bit here has some announcements as well so take a listen.

[audio:Falling Bricks Hurt.mp3]

Falling Bricks Hurt

     Justin wandered about in the shadows watching the fascinating people. He smelled the breads and listened to the pop of corks for hours before finally settling on the perfect sunny patch of grass to feast. Justin the turtle munched on the greenery of the city he loved, Paris.

     1,063 feet into the sky, Gaston Space Pierre ran back and forth on the observation platform of the Eiffel Tower, his parents not at all effective. A stray brick from a display for Gustave Eiffel found his palm. He tossed it over the rails.

     Justin looked up just in time to catch the impromptu solar eclipse to the head.

April 24th, 2009

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