The full moon rises and here I sit alone, in this steel cage, playing this simple game.

Outside you would hard pressed to see passed my perfect crisp green lawn. Hanging colorful baskets of flowers on my front porch are quite inviting to the senses.

But once a month, the shades come down and steel bars fall from the ceilings. I descend the stairs to the basement for a monthly sleep over.

As I watch my hand turn to deadly paw and claw my last rational thought of the night as human springs forward.

‘Did I turn the dishwasher on?’

Wooden solitaire set

Wooden solitaire set

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June 7th, 2015

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  • Great story Danny

  • Hey Thanks Al! 🙂 took last week off to get some work done but I’ll be back again.

  • Hahaaa! Great ending to the suspense you built up. ???? That’s my reality too…did I turn off the stove?? Lock the door?? Lol.

  • Bangkok would be the perfect place to be a Werewolf or Vampire. 🙂

    Oh I forgot to say thank you for the baby traveling tips. It gave me a lot to think about I hadn’t even considered before. Hopefully our visa gets approved and we can actually make the journey.

  • Great story! Love the suspense and the concluding line!

  • Watch your neighbors Lori! You never know. Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

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