“After losing her head, she realized that the rest of her body was falling apart!”

Lenora nodded to herself at the excited Mom panicked over the phone.

“Okay give me your address and I’ll check the Sunshine room for the leg,” she said calmly diffusing the agitated Mother.

Lenora and Alerion never had children as she wasn’t able. The doctors said she had something wrong with her insides and she choose not to be haunted by the details.

So whenever they had young guests at the Château de Montagne it was always a treat and they were urged to stay in the Sunshine room specially made for children.

Lenora rummaged around the Sunshine room toy box searching for the little girls missing doll part. The tinkle and clink of a vintage Jack in Box high on a shelf began to play.

Jack popped out startling Lenora. He was holding the missing plastic leg smiling a bit bigger than she remembered.

© 2015, Barbara W. Beacham

© 2015, Barbara W. Beacham


May 4th, 2015

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  • Barb Beacham

    Wow! Danny the ending is very creepy! This tale is nicely done! Thanks again for joining in on the
    Finish the Story
    challenge! See you next week? Be well… ^..^

  • That is why my 10 year old said. :p

    I’ve been following along so I will be there!

  • priceless joy

    LOL! I had a feeling it was the Jack in the Box! LOL (just kidding). Good story!

  • Thanks Joy! It felt like the only way to go and those things are just so nerve wracking anyway. They suspense themselves.

  • Debbie Ratliff

    I never did trust a Jack in the Box… sneaky the way they pop out. I don’t think I’d want to stay in that room. Good story!

  • Thanks Debbie. 🙂 Maybe the J n’ B was just trying to be helpful. We’ll never know or we will find out when we are least expecting it! DUN DUN DUnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

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