Alright I gotta be quick about this.  I’m literally in my car in the middle of some hagard hotel district in Long Beach, WA.  I wanted to stop and put up the pictures from this morning and look at a map to make sure I was going the right way to Vampire country. 🙂 I’ll check in later… Uploading those pics now.

ps.  The beach scenes at the end where Willie’s ship comes out were filmed in Ecola State Park which I passed on the way in (I knew I should have stopped).  There is a place there called, Cannon Beach I believe.  Has the huge rocks in the water and such.  Very awesome looking as I was driving by it.  I would have went back and got pictures but it is a 40 minute drive because you have to go through the Town of Seaside which takes forever.  Also, Michele is correct.  The Restaurant they go into was constructed for the movie.  While you can goto the location, there isn’t anything there but a picnic table.

Okay I’m off to Forks! Cheers!

October 20th, 2008

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  • Sarah

    The pictures are awesome! Keep em coming! 🙂 Ps, was that a picture of the actual house from goonies??? I really liked the last one of the fog rolling in. It’s all so pretty.

  • Goonies is an awesome movie, great pictures. Sounds like quite the adventure you’re having. 🙂

  • That is the actual house from the Goonies yes 🙂 I wasn’t sure myself. I drove up and down the street about 3 times before I just decided to go to the gas station and ask a local. You learn to get over your, “fear of being a foreigner” real quick if you are pressed for time.

  • Should have knocked.

    “Ummm . . excuse me, hate to disturb you but I hear . . . ”

    “YES, YES this is the goonies house. No you can’t come in. FREAKS! Just for once I wish it was a Jehovah Witness at the door.”


  • Haha, yea dude 🙂 It could have went something like that. :p … from what I read and was told they are perfectly okay with being the Goonies house. I was told they had a sign there that said, “Goonies Welcome.” However no such sign was there when I showed up, so perhaps they are over it.

  • Michele

    I’m so glad you’re doing this so I can live vicariously through you 🙂 Although I can’t believe you didn’t get a picture of where Willie’s ship comes out by the beach! But you would have had to pull over, and Forks awaited. I can’t wait to see more!

  • Katrina

    Oh the goonies. Must have been awesome to actually see all that. Goonies was one of those life changing movies when you are young. Did it make you feel more adventurous to be there?

  • matt london

    did you have to do the ‘truffle shuffle’ to get up the driveway of the goonies house

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