Lenora flipped through her old French cookbook looking for continental breakfast ideas.

The small wooden barrel she found at the beach rested on the counter with the initials L.J.S. facing the wall.

Her husband Alerion couldn’t know what she had found and now buried in the Château de Montagne herb garden.

A small thunk like a broom handle hitting the floor followed by something dragging caused her to whip around quickly.

Across the kitchen an old wooden cupboard screeched open slowly. Lenora watched in frozen petrification as a small paper sack of pastry flour was promptly pushed off the shelf.

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June 11th, 2015

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  • Barb Beacham

    What happens next Danny? I want to know. A good story that makes me want to read more.

  • Well, that’s unsettling! Good job!

  • Yolanda Renee

    Oh dear, what was it that she hid in the garden, maybe she should return it. Wonderful mystery here. Can’t wait to read more!

  • I’m not sure Yolanda! It must be something of some significance. I’ll try to figure it out for next time. 🙂 thanks for reading.

  • Thanks Barb. Hopefully I figure that out this week. 😛

  • I’m one of those, “WHAT WAS THAT NOISE?” types. So I like the good ole creak and squeak.

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