A sinister cosmic force wanted to end our species. 5000 years ago Asteroid 376GH was gently nudged toward planet Earth’s orbit.

A slow death.

We would know it.

We could see it coming.

If only 376GH had the courtesy to hit directly and not at an angle we would have had a chance.

Angular touchdown in the Siberian Tundra gave us all a week of pause to enjoy the Sun one last time.

The Sun.

In its last moments looking like a full moon peeking through a cloudy night sky we were suffocating.

Appreciate the gift 376GH gave to you.


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PHOTO PROMPT -© Madison Woods


Friday Fictioneers August 7th 2015


August 7th, 2015

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  • Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

    Dear Danny,

    That was certainly depressing. At least we got our final sunset.



  • Alicia Jamtaas

    Yikes! I agree with Rochelle ~ this is depressing. In a well-written way.

  • Ga H

    That is a very grim future. Great story.

  • You guys are right. I guess I wasn’t having the best day when I wrote this one. :p I’ll be happier next time.

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