100 Words – Step into a slim jim – Danny Machal

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Shakespeare leaned against a brick wall contemplating ancient prose.

‘Let’s face it, this stuff was drudging to read and made even the most poor pauper wish for the guillotine,’ he thought.

There was an explosion of brick and a brightly dressed man appeared.

“Art thou bored?!” the man shouted.

“Is this entirely appropriate? You can’t just…” but he was interrupted.

“Step into a SLIM JIM!” the rough looking man was forceful.

He proceeded to bite vigorously on a stick of meat. A snap was heard and the nearby grain mill exploded, showering them with bits of debris.

July 5th, 2009

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  • Ferret


  • Katrina

    This totally brought back childhood memories of those creepy commercial, where this freaky little slim jims are in your stomach.

    P.S. I have NEVER eat one of those for fear they would attack me from the inside out.

100 Words – Step into a slim jim